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Tuition fee $5,000 per year
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Law is not limited to areas of judicature, prosecution and attorney, but includes areas of regulating rights, freedom and justice needs in a compatible manner in every field of social life. In this sense, law extends to a large service field such as determination and regulation of individual, national and international principals, determination of traditional and universal law principals for social agency and institutions. The aim of the Justice Program is to educate qualified intermediate manpower needed by various units of the Ministry of Justice and providing in-service education to the personnel who had role within the Ministry Department. Works would proceed faster and more proper by the justice vocational high school graduates who had education of law within the units called as “clerk” at the units of judicature and prosecution working in courthouse department in our country. Justice Program aims to contribute in the realization of the justice in our country by means of educating qualified individuals acting as pursuing main values of our state and respectful to the human rights as a necessity of social and democratic state of law, following technology, knowing implementation, having theoretical background and basic law information for all sectors justice organization in the light of modern and universal values. .

Programme structure

Considering qualifications required by the justice services, courses are offered both in theory and practice. In the program the core courses such as the Constitutional Law, Civil Code, Criminal Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Legislation of Attorney and Notary, Commercial Law, Administrative Law, Basic Civil Rights and International Law are offered as well as courses in relation to the implementing procedures of branches of law such as Law of Civil Procedure, Law of Criminal Procedure. In addition, theoretical and practical courses are also available for the Usage of Keyboard, Techniques of Judicial Writing and Legislation of Chief Clerk in order to enable students have the necessary qualifications for their profession.

Career opportunities

Justice Program has extensive employment areas. Graduates of the program are assigned with the duties of Bailiff and Execution Director, Bailiff and Execution Deputy Director, Chief Clerk, Deputy Chief Clerk, Court Clerk at the courts. In addition, they are assigned with director position at Penal Institutions. Our graduates have opportunities to find a job in legal consultancy department in various state institutions and organizations and private sector institutions. There is also right to register in Law Faculties by the External Transfer Exam.

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Nov 4, 2019

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