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Tuition fee $5,000 per year
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Since factors of production is mobile over countries, the tourism that takes place around countries has gained speed, and the present trade relations enable people to be in different countries at different times and even in different regions of different countries. However, wherever s/he goes, the individual needs to fulfill her/his basic physiological necessity which is the food. Individuals, when they are in different places, can demand the food that belongs to their cultures or they can demand the food reflecting the culture of the region they have visited. Accordingly, diners, restaurants or hotels need chefs who are able to cook various food from various regions, cultures, and countries. In addition to cooking the food, the most important stage is displaying the food. By cooking the food well and displaying it well after completing the education in culinary department, the person will make a significant contribution to provide sustainable customers for the firm he/she works in.The chefs who prepare and offer food and beverage and carry out a business plan, also need to do good costing, have an effective communication with partners and speak a foreign language effectively.

Programme structure

In culinary program several courses, such as introduction to the science of gastronomy, food and beverage services management, hygiene and sanitation, kitchen applications, pastry and bread making, Turkish cuisine culture, culinary trends, national cuisines, food and beverage automation systems are provided for students.

Career opportunities

Graduates from Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services Department, Culinary Program receiving the title of “Chef” can work in certified touristic businesses, restaurants, food factories (catering companies), airport and hospital kitchens with the ranks of head chef, assistant chef, line chef, banquet chef, pastry chef, butcher, demi chef, busboy etc. as research chef, culinary scientist, food and beverage manager, food procurement manager, kitchen manager, restaurant supervisor-coordinator, and restaurant manager.

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Nov 4, 2019

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