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Tuition fee $5,000 per year
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In Turkey, integration process with the European Union has been targeted in recent years. Rapid globalization process and increasing technological innovations have caused the countries to incline to develop human resources. It is aimed to educate staffs at the level of vocational higher school to work under specialist physicians’ supervision at the use of neurophysiologic methods utilized for determinations of disorders of diseases with central nervous system disorders. For ones who have completed the program shall be provided with an associate degree and the title of health technician (electroneurophysiology technician). Those who would like to attend the electro neurophysiology program should know that in this field which is related to human health issues, they are directly associated with the patient. Electroneurophysiology is an important branch of neurology and physiology; professional performance and desire of research of those who would like to choose this profession should be at very good level. Epilepsy and other paroxysmal diseases and impaired consciousness are vital issues for each person. Electroencephalogram (EEG) is the most important diagnostic method in especially epilepsy and diagnosis and differential diagnosis of similar situations.

Programme structure

The curriculum of the electro neurophysiology program has been constituted with the courses including knowledge to be used at every stage of business life. Neuroanatomy, physiology, pharmacology, neurology, cognitive neurophysiology, EEG, EMG and polysomnography are major courses of the program. In addition to these courses, internship opportunity is also offered to our students.

Career opportunities

EEG technician is trained in a relationship of master-apprentice in our country. In Turkey, there has been a significant progress at studies concerning sleep and sleep disorders in recent years. EEG technicians practice the use of polysomnography device used for sleep analysis. Besides EEG and Polysomnography technician, this program can also educate health technicians to analyze potentials of somotasensoriyel, brain stem, visual, and motor evoked used for the diagnosis of certain diseases in Neurology, Psychiatry, Child, ENT and Eye clinics. Also, it educates staffs to assist the physician who carries out the examination of electroneuromyography (ENMG/EMG), which is the most important diagnostic equipment for neuromuscular and peripheral nerve diseases, and to have education to be able to perform sensory studies. In many hospitals, private and public health institutions, there is a shortage of qualified personnel having vocational training.

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Nov 4, 2019

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