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In addition to the other stages of production, management has also become one of the requirements of this age. The development and change taking place in the economic field has completely led to change of the companies’ management. Changes and developments in senior management have changed the management approach at all levels. Therefore, the need for skilled labor force to meet the needs of the new approach mentioned above has emerged. The program of Business Management educates business administrators who have enough knowledge and capability to be able to cope with any problems that may arise in a business, carry out the improvement activities of business processes, and are able to manage the organizations successfully.

Programme structure

In the first semester, basic theoretical courses such as macroeconomics, business economics, general accounting and business maths, etc. are given to the students of Business Management program. In the remaining three semesters of education, business processes are handled as a whole and financial management, marketing research, management and organization, human resource management, total quality management, production management and international marketing oriented courses are offered. Within this scope, the recent innovations and developments in the national and international level are being examined and the basic knowledge gained by the students are reinforced through the examples. Besides the theoretical courses related to this field, applied education is concentrated, projects and internships are encouraged.

Career opportunities

Graduates of the program of Business Management at Nisantası University can get positions as the mid-level manager or assistant manager positions in enterprises, overcome all the organizational problems encountered in business life, and perform the most accurate and efficient use of resources by planning the business process. The business areas for this program’s graduates are quite large. Along with the industrial sector, it has a vast opportunity of employment in various sectors and departments such as banking, tourism, auditing, consulting, insurance, foreign trade and logistics. Graduates may have the opportunity to work in various public institutions as well as private organizations.

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Nov 4, 2019

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