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Tuition fee $5,000 per year
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Cardiovascular diseases are one of the primary causes of death today. In the operations for most of cardiovascular diseases, cardiopulmonary bypass pumps are used. After heart and lungs are deactivated by the pump system during the heart surgery, the life of the patient can be maintained by restoring blood flow to the cells in the body. Heart and lung assist devices are used for the patients whose cardiovascular system does not function properly. Patients can be brought back to life thanks to these devices. Therefore, preparing, using and keeping the cardiopulmonary bypass pump and assist devices are vital for the patient life. The aim of the program is to educate health technicians who prepare, run and scrutinize cardiopulmonary bypass pump, heart-lungs assist devices used for circumvolution and respiratory insufficiency, dialyzer, haemodiafiltration and autotransfusion. Perfusion technicians need to communicate effectively with the patients, their relatives and other health care personnel.

Programme structure

Turkish language, foreign language, Atatürk’s principles and history of Turkish revolution, anatomy, physiology, haematology, cardiovascular surgery, vocational English, medical terminology are the core courses in the program. Besides these theoretical courses, practical training is also offered to students, and they are encouraged to prepare projects and do internships.

Career opportunities

Graduates of Perfusion Techniques have ‘Perfusion Technician’ title. Perfusion technicians can work in public or private hospitals. Graduates can have the right to enroll in undergraduate programs through the External Transfer Exam if there is available vacancy quota.

Apply now! Commence year 2019
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Studies commence
Nov 4, 2019

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States