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Tuition fee $5,000 per year
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Cancer is one of the most serious health problems of our century. Three basic methods for the treatment of cancer are as follows: chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Undoubtedly, radiotherapy is the most complex treatment method among others since the patients and their relatives have difficulty in comprehending the beams used in radiotherapy and how these beams affect them. On the other hand, radiotherapy is more effective than surgery in local cancer treatment and it is also painless. It is very important and necessary for human health to select and implement the treatment by experts. This necessity requires Radiotherapy programs, and our program has been established in parallel with the developments in the world. The main purpose of radiotherapy program is to educate qualified medical technicians who have sufficient knowledge and skills about radiation therapy and simulation by the control of equipment, masks, patient positioning mold, lead block, and the process of preparing the patients for treatment and simulation. The health sector is one of the areas which have a sustainable source of employment. In this context, radiotherapy is among the areas which have a wide range of employment opportunities. The students who graduate from the radiotherapy program can work in the hospitals, clinics and radiotherapy centers in public and private sectors as “Radiation Therapy Technician”.

Programme structure

The curriculum of Radiotherapy program was formed with courses including valuable information which can be used in all stages of life. Radiation physics, basic oncology, radiotherapy equipment, darkroom techniques are the core courses in the program.

Career opportunities

Our university conducts interviews with key representatives of the relevant sectors before starting the process of opening the program to ensure the dissolution for the issues of internship and employment of the students in this program in a much more rapid and sustainable way. Accordingly, the program cooperates with sector representatives in order to offer an effective practical education for our students. This cooperation provides significant advantages to students. Employment areas of students who graduate from this program include public and private hospitals which have the department of radiation oncology; universities; the health centers of the Ministry of Health; private clinics and polyclinics.

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Nov 4, 2019

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